Preferred Skills. Skills that the employers are looking for

With the population of the whole world constantly increasing, the level of competition in order to secure a job is also increasing. Since the employers now have the opportunity to pick their employee from a number of shortlisted candidates, they have become very particular about the kind of skills they are looking for in a candidate. Especially in the tech industry, where the number of people looking for jobs is increasing quite rapidly. Bigger companies are looking for aggressively looking for candidates with a nuanced set of skills that stand out in comparison to other candidates.

1. Quality

In the tech industry, most of the companies are on their constant search for the ‘high-quality candidate’. Nowadays, it is not enough to simply have knowledge in your own field of specialization. It is becoming increasingly important to have skills that are not the basic pre-requisites of the job that you are applying for. Statistics show that nearly 3 in 5 employers believe that soft skills are important when trying to evaluate technical talent.

2. Additional Skills

Being equipped with a set of soft skills apart from the technical knowledge will make sure that you have an edge over the other candidates. For instance, take two candidates applying for the same job and possess the same degree. Both have the same qualifications however one of them does a much better job at communicating and networking than the other one. Naturally, the employer would prefer hiring the one with better communication skills.

3. Job Experience

Moreover, apart from soft skills, what the employers are also looking for is job experience. Work experience has become one of the most important qualifications for a graduate. It is always preferred by employers to pick a candidate who already has some amount of job experience.

Soft skills and work experience are two of the most important criteria for job employers. Apart from this, qualities, like being a good team-worker and having a positive approach to your work, is also valued. If you are willing to learn your job better, there are more chances of your employer hiring you for a full-time job or promoting you.

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