The need for a Job Oriented Training

The competition in today’s day and age is immense. Especially in India, a country with a population of over 130 crores, it becomes extremely important to be on top of your game. Every year, the number of graduates are looking for jobs is increasing. Even the best of students often fail to secure a job after graduating.

The total number of job opportunities in the country is reducing, making the cut-throat levels of competition even worse. The population of not only India but also the world is increasing each year. More number of people and a lesser number of jobs both together making the task of securing a job really difficult.

Considering all these factors, it is only natural for hiring companies to pick the best out of the options they have. The companies looking for employees are at a higher position here as they have the privilege to select from an endless list of candidates.

However, the people looking for a job, on the other hand, are at a significant disadvantage due to the same reason. Hence, you need to have or portray yourself in the market in such a way that it shows you have something extra. You need to display your abilities as a candidate and highlight what makes you special and different from the other candidates.

This does not mean that if you are academically well-off, you will get a job instantly. There might be cases where even the graduates who are not exceptional academically, might get picked over someone who is much better academically. The difference here lies in the way one markets themselves. Apart from a good academic score, companies are constantly looking for people who have extra technical skills. Not just technical skills but also non-technical skills such as good communication and networking can help you get an upper hand in terms of securing a job. Hence, the key here is to present yourself as an all-rounded package. A balance of decent academic grades, technical skills and non-technical skills will ensure that you are in the top list of candidates for a hiring company.

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